Rockingham Podiatry

For Healthy Feet

Routine Podiatry

From nail care to general advice on footwear, we can provide you with expertise and advice you can trust.


Musculoskeletal & Sport Injuries

We can help you with injuries and pain in your hips, legs, knees or feet. Don't suffer in silence, make an appointment with our experts today.


Nail Surgery

Ingrowing or deformed toenails can cause discomfort. We can offer permanent solutions for both these conditions.


Our Services

Pain in the feet or lower leg is often a sign that something is wrong. People may ignore prolonged pain, when a simple trip to a podiatrist could greatly improve quality of life and foot health.

Rockingham Podiatry provides a friendly, quality service; from diagnosis to discussing your options and agreeing your treatment plan.  To include as appropriate; vascular, neurological, nail, skin, footwear and orthopaedic/biomechanical assessments.

The following treatments are available:

  • Routine podiatry
  • Nail care
  • Nail surgery
  • Verrucae treatment
  • Verruca needling under local anaesthesia
  • Injection therapy
  • Functional orthoses
  • Accommodative orthoses
  • Exercise/rehabilitation programmes
  • Footwear advice